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Phoenix home inspection; it's not just what you can see...

by Greg Hammond on 05/22/12

On Saturday, I went out to do a Phoenix home inspection.  As I do with each Phoenix home inspection, I opened the cabinet door underneath the sink to look at the plumbing. It smelled musty, but I saw no visible leaks and no water stains. Still, there was that smell… I went about doing my home inspection as I normally do, thinking of that unusual odor all the while.  I ran the dishwasher through it's normal cycle, and I glanced back at the stinky cabinet again. That's when I saw it.  The toe-kick near the dishwasher had a dark discolored area on it.  I got down on my knees to check it out; it felt wet. There was no water in front of the toe-kick or in front of the dishwasher, so I decided that whatever was causing it to be wet had to be coming from behind.  I pulled the dishwasher from the opening and found it - the drain pump for the dishwasher was leaking; since there was a wood floor that was not installed all the way under the dishwasher (creating a lip), all that water was pooling under the dishwasher and seeping into the nearby cabinetry.  If it had gone unnoticed by a lesser qualified home inspector, it could have caused a lot of damage to the cabinetry, the wood floor and even possibly mold growth.... not to mention that ongoing foul odor. just another Phoenix home inspection....

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