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Phoenix Home Inspection

by Greg Hammond on 06/07/12

A Phoenix Home Inspection is a critical component of the home buying process in Phoenix, Arizona. 

A Phoenix home inspection protects the home buyer's investment.  A Phoenix home inspection gives home buyers peace of mind.  More importantly, a Phoenix home inspection allows the home buyer to make an informed decision with respect to either moving forward with the transaction, canceling the transaction, or identifying disapproved items for the Residential Buyers Inspection Notice and Seller's Response.  A Phoenix home inspection should be completed in 10 days from contract acceptance (inspection period in the AAR contract), unless otherwise noted in the blank provided.  It is important to carefully vet potential inspectors for the Phoenix home inspection.  For a Phoenix home inspection by a qualified, registered, certified, and fully insured home inspector, check out the website Arizona Home Inspections & Consulting.

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