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Phoenix Home Inspection

Phoenix Home Inspection

by Greg Hammond on 06/07/12

A Phoenix Home Inspection is a critical component of the home buying process in Phoenix, Arizona. 

A Phoenix home inspection protects the home buyer's investment.  A Phoenix home inspection gives home buyers peace of mind.  More importantly, a Phoenix home inspection allows the home buyer to make an informed decision with respect to either moving forward with the transaction, canceling the transaction, or identifying disapproved items for the Residential Buyers Inspection Notice and Seller's Response.  A Phoenix home inspection should be completed in 10 days from contract acceptance (inspection period in the AAR contract), unless otherwise noted in the blank provided.  It is important to carefully vet potential inspectors for the Phoenix home inspection.  For a Phoenix home inspection by a qualified, registered, certified, and fully insured home inspector, check out the website Arizona Home Inspections & Consulting.

Phoenix home inspection; it's not just what you can see...

by Greg Hammond on 05/22/12

On Saturday, I went out to do a Phoenix home inspection.  As I do with each Phoenix home inspection, I opened the cabinet door underneath the sink to look at the plumbing. It smelled musty, but I saw no visible leaks and no water stains. Still, there was that smell… I went about doing my home inspection as I normally do, thinking of that unusual odor all the while.  I ran the dishwasher through it's normal cycle, and I glanced back at the stinky cabinet again. That's when I saw it.  The toe-kick near the dishwasher had a dark discolored area on it.  I got down on my knees to check it out; it felt wet. There was no water in front of the toe-kick or in front of the dishwasher, so I decided that whatever was causing it to be wet had to be coming from behind.  I pulled the dishwasher from the opening and found it - the drain pump for the dishwasher was leaking; since there was a wood floor that was not installed all the way under the dishwasher (creating a lip), all that water was pooling under the dishwasher and seeping into the nearby cabinetry.  If it had gone unnoticed by a lesser qualified home inspector, it could have caused a lot of damage to the cabinetry, the wood floor and even possibly mold growth.... not to mention that ongoing foul odor. just another Phoenix home inspection....

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